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Hi . Experienced gamer and roleplayer looking to set up a new group for weekly roleplay and sometime boardgame laughs and fun. I am 52 I used to run games and puzzles/ lingard games which was one of the biggest TSR / Games workshop accounts and pretty much all the smaller games company’s top retailer, that's where I met thousands of gamers. I ran a Friday games club in Colchester for ten years at the buntings rooms and a popular Larp in Essex for 12 years called legends. I have a games room in the house which in nerd paradise.. I would like to create a group of Thursday night gamers for RPG and boardgames fun and many laughs.. Seeking 4 players who can roleplay, Gm, and generally take it seriously to become immersed but also up for banter and laughs about out amazing hobby in all it's glory.. Would love to chat explore meet new players to join myself and Jules also an experienced player to create something fun, enduring, make and meet new roleplay friends..

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