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Wigan Boardgames and Wargames

Established in July 2003, a small group of gaming friends had a lack of space, thus the search began for a new venue. Not long after, the St.Aidan's 27th Scouts from Winstanley, Wigan, generously allowed them to utilize their scout hall, giving birth to the Wigan Wargames Club. After a renovation in 2007, the now spaciously provides 6 four-by-six-feet tables, a kitchen, toilets, and also an entertainment system. The club has prospered over the years; with members ranging anywhere from 12 to 50, the atmosphere has always been kept very relaxed.

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Hey everyone! I'm looking for a D&D group in or around Wigan that will allow me to DM a one-shot using homebrew content. Anyone up for it?

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