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I'm a retired single guy based in Thatcham. I'm looking for an online game played weekly. I prefer Fantasy settings. Since 1978, I've played using:- all versions of D&D, GURPS, SWADE, plus various bespoke systems.

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Farnborough Board Games Club

18Robby F6 Do you love board games or want to learn more? We're a friendly group of games enthusiasts that have been meeting in Farnborough since 2016, which recently restarted after the pandemic. Every Thursday evening, we gather at the Monkey Puzzle Brewers Fayre starting at 7 o’clock. Feel free to bring your own games and we’ll teach you how to play the games we bring. We often organize additional gaming sessions and trips to board game conventions. If you aren’t familiar with board games, you can check out Board Game Geek (BGG) for an idea. Attendees under 18 must be accompanied by a participating adult. Join us and socialize with fellow gamers!

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