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I've never played Dungeons and Dragons but I'm looking to start. :)

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Brighton Role-playing Games (RPG) Meetup

This group is open to everyone, and we play all types of RPG games from Dungeons & Dragons to indie storytelling games. No prior experience is necessary, and we have an active Discord community with current and planned games such as D&D, Monsterhearts, Pathfinder, Apocalypse World, Zeitgeist, Ten Candles, and more. Our aim is to run full campaigns, single adventures, and one-off sessions. You may also be interested in our boardgaming meetup as well as our summer Games Camp. Additionally, there is a Facebook group available for Brighton Role Players. Outlined are four games planned for February through April. We typically come together at 19:30, hang out, chat, play boardgames, and then roleplay at 21:00. We are a warm, friendly group who looks forward to welcoming new members. Furthermore, while we are not charging for the space, please make sure to clean up any mess you make.

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